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Design Chain
Machine chains are mass-producted by machines, on the otherhand design chains are made by hand or using craft techniques. Design chains have detailed decorations, and generally have their own unique style design. You can enjoy the look of design necklace that is different from machine chains likely cable, venetian, cut ball.
Our company has delicate and original design chain products. There are popular products on this page. Please contact us for get details of other products. Many products are made in Japan and we can accept orders in small lots.

[429555] K18 45cm(AJ) 4.04g
[429556] K18 50cm(AJ) 4.44g
[429399] K18 60cm(AJ) 5.17g
[429799] K18 45cm 3.98g
[429801] K18 60cm 5.26g
[425101] K18 45cm(AJ) 4.44g
[429763] K18 50cm 3.97g

[429855] K18(AJ) 45cm 9.36g
[428903] K18 45cm 4.82g
[427925] K18 60cm 14.27g
[425729] K18 45cm(AJ) 4.32g
[425730] K18WG 45cm(AJ) 4.26g

[429601] K18 45cm(AJ) 5.16g
[429602] K18 50cm(AJ) 5.74g
[429705] K18WG 45cm(AJ) 6.50g
[429704] K18R/W 45cm(AJ) 6.55g
[424568] K18 45cm(AJ) 3.41g
[425647] K18 45cm(AJ) 2.32g

[425884] K18 45cm(AJ) 3.46g
[429373] K18 45cm(AJ) 3.17g
[426890] K18 50cm 16.97g
[429953] K18 45cm(AJ) 2.73g

[429937] K18WG 45cm(AJ) 3.38g
[429936] K18WG 50cm(AJ) 3.71g
[430006] K18 50cm(AJ) 3.89g
[425275] K18 45cm(AJ) 6.53g
[428261] K18WG 45cm 4.77g

[429375] K18 45cm(AJ) 5.35g
[429376] K18 50cm(AJ) 5.86g
[429144] K18 45cm(AJ) 2.96g
[429144] K18 45cm(AJ) 2.96g
[429788] K18WG 45cm(AJ) 10.37g

[427195] K18WG 45cm(AJ) 2.31g
[427336] K18 45cm(AJ) 2.31g
[427338] K18WG 45cm(AJ) 3.59g
[427337] K18 45cm(AJ) 3.52g
[425930] K18 60cm(AJ) 2.77g
[426169] K18 80cm 6.89g

[426888] K18 80cm 10.62g
[428074] K18 68cm 5.46g


[426993] K18 17cm 1.97g
* The central part has a curved surface.
[426992] K18 17cm 2.10g
* he central part has triple oval shape.
[426993] K18 18cm 1.97g
[425208] K18 18cm 1.60g

[427233] K18 25cm (AJ) 2.18g
[426976] K18 16cm 2.08g
[427219] K18 17cm 3.98g
[428967] K18 18cm 1.57g
[428939] K18 18cm 4.06g
[427223] K18 16cm 7.20g

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