Hojin Co., Ltd.
Hojin. Co., Ltd. / Jewelry and accessory manufacture in Japan.
Hojin. Co., Ltd. / Jewelry and accessory manufacture in Japan.
Ultra Color(products for global markets)
Ultra Color(products for global markets)
Jei Sparkle -Gold jewelry-
Our main products in the Japanese market are healthcare accessories.
In Japan, magnets are used to improve blood circulation. Then we offer accessory-style magnet products.
On the other hand, we have a history as a jewelry supplier of gold and platinum products.
We will offer unique jewelries and accessories from Japan.
2023/02/01 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
Date: 29,Feb.,2024 to 4,Mar. / Booth No.: CEC 3G-E15
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Our products
Original gold jewelry that shines like diamonds
JEI SPARKLE delivers a strong shine like diamonds by applying a diamond cut finish to each part. In addition to necklaces, there is a lineup of flexible bracelets and rings that you can enjoy. In addition to the usual gold color such as YG, PG, WG, you can also choose vivid colors by ion plating technology.

JEI SPARKLE is our original gold parts and jewelry using the part. It will shine as a diamonds.
Magnetic accessory
Unique accessories
that can be enjoyed with free style
as a necklace, as a bracelet and as a unklet
ULTRA COLOR has been developed with the concept "Enjoy it easily anytime!". In order to eliminate the troubles of attaching and removing a necklace or a bracelet, we designed a magnetic piece that can be easily mounted, and doesn’t require a fastener. And with a variety of colors and materials, we prepared an extensive lineup which can accommodate any style. There are 150 [Neodymium magnets] inside the whole necklace so you can adjust the length as you wish. ULTRA COLOR can be used flexibly as you please, from a necklace to a bracelet or an anklet. Also, by attaching an optional charm or your favorite pendant top, this will transform Ultra Color into an original piece of jewelry.

Unique accessories using magnet. You can enjoy as a necklace, bracelet, unclet.
UltraColor products are not got a certification of healthcare products of Japan and are offered as fashion accessories. These are positioned as an accessories that can be easily attached using magnets.
Attractive originality and gorgeous feel
Italian Chain
Italian jewelries are attractive for its originality, solid design, and gorgeous feel. In addition to regular design chains that are typical of Italian jewelry, we supply hollow type Italian jewelry that is light and easy to wear.

Italian Jewelry / attractive for its originality, solid design, and gorgeous feel
Attractive detailed designs, patterns, and decorations
Design Chain
Machine chains are mass-producted by machines, on the otherhand design chains are made by hand or using craft techniques. Design chains have detailed decorations, and generally have their own unique style design. You can enjoy the look of design necklace that is different from machine chains likely cable, venetian, cut ball.

Design chain / Attractive detailed designs, patterns, and decorations
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